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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with degree in digital media?

Digital media specialists include careers such as graphic designers and multimedia artists. These professionals artistically portray information through print advertisements, digital images, film, and/or animated video. Most digital media specialists need a bachelor's degree in digital media.

What can I do with a multimedia design degree?

One of the most obvious careers that would definitely enable you to use your multimedia design degree to the hilt is that of a graphic designer. In this profession, you will use your artistic and computer skills to come ups with engaging concepts and layout for magazines, newspapers, websites and other publications.

What kind jobs can you get with it degree in digital media?

A bachelor's degree in digital media gives you several career options in different industries. Digital media majors often work in the motion picture and video industries to create special effects, visual images and audio. You may also work for computer software companies and make web sites, animations or video game designs.

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