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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Digimon fanfictions?

Crazyeight has written a lot of Digimon fanfictions and most of them are pretty good. They come up with some interesting storylines and are great at fulfilling their potential. They wrote the "Fourth Wall" series as well as the "Tamers Requiem" series.

Who is the author of the Digimon Encyclopedia?

Chris McFeely is well known for his website the Digimon Encyclopedia, which served as THE source for Digimon information before the advent of The Other Wiki. Chris wrote a series of fanfics, some serious (like the AU story Ascension ).

What did Chris do for Digimon?

Chris wrote a series of fanfics, some serious (like the AU story Ascension ). But his most well known works were parodies involving the Digimon cast (both humans and Digimon), as well as several Fox Kids executives (including a trio on inept Censors and Jeff Nimoy) in bizarre situations.

How many Digimon stories has hihedgi written?

Hedgi has written 6 stories about Digimon: 2 one shots, a series of one-shots, completed two multi-chaptered stories and a in progress multi-chaptered story. The stories are very interesting, and have well used plot twists.

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