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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimal human diet?

A return to the preagricultural, plant-based diet of early humans appears to be the optimal diet for modern humans (Jenkins & Kendall, 2006). Raw fruits, nuts, and green leafy vegetables, as early humans consumed them, provide the balanced nutrients required for an optimal diet to meet the biological needs of modern humans.

What to eat for every body type?

Fruits and vegetables (on one third of the plate) are part of a healthy diet for all body types. Choose whole fruits and vegetables with skins instead of processed varieties that contain added sugar or salt.

What are some different types of diets?

Various types of hospital diets are soft diet, full liquid diet, clear liquid diet and solid diet. Clear liquid diet is given immediately after surgery. Full fluid diet comprises of viscous fluids, in the form of juices, white soups and so on. Soft diet is given after four or five days of surgery or infection.

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