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Frequently Asked Questions

What ports are used by DICOM?

Well known ports used by DICOM are 104, 2761, 2762 and 11112. It is used to process DICOM data, transmit, search/query, integrate, distribute, print, share, store, display medical images and patient data from the radiology archival/storage systems (PACS, RIS) to the workstation for the Radiologist to write reports.

What is a DICOM message?

A DICOM Message is composed of a Command Set followed by a conditional Data Set. Command and Data sets are made of Elements. Elements have a Tag, length and value. Tags have group tag and element tag. DICOM applications provide the services required for the data exchange. DICOM Service Element (DIMSE) are used by Application Entities (AE).

How to connect to a DICOM listener on Linux?

Connection ports: Port 104 is the standard DICOM port. All ports below 1024 require root access on unix-like systems (Linux and Mac). So you can run Slicer with the sudo command to be able to open the port for the DICOM Listener. Or you can use a different port, like 11112. You need to configure that on both sides of the connection.

How long does it take to build a DICOM C-Store Dimse-C service?

Build a simple DICOM C-STORE DIMSE-C Service with Python 3.8 in 10 minutes. Python’s ecosystem of DICOM tooling allows us to hack up DIMSE-C services fairly quickly.

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