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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DICOM stand for?

What is DICOM? Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is an international, nonproprietary standard that specifies the protocols that are used to facilitate the exchange of medical images and related data in healthcare systems.

What are the DICOM network image management services?

Five DICOM network image management services (transaction types) are specified in the Storage, Query/Retrieve, and Storage Commitment Service Classes. The services specified in these Service Classes are defined only for DICOM composite objects. The Storage Service Class specifies the C-STORE service.

What is the DIMSE service element?

DICOM Service Element (DIMSE) are used by Application Entities (AE). There are two types of DIMSE Services, Composite DIMSE-C and Normalized DIMSE-N. These support operations and notifications like storage, retrieval, printing etc. on the SOP instances.

How does a DICOM session work?

The scanner initiates a DICOM communications session (called an “association”) with the workstation for the transfer of each image. Various details are negotiated during association establishment, so that the workstation can prepare to handle the image that it is about to receive. Open in a separate window

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