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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rigpa and Ma Rigpa?

Erik Pema Kunsang translates a text which provides basic definitions of rigpa and ma rigpa in a Dzogchen context: Unknowing (marigpa) is not knowing the nature of mind. Knowing (rigpa) is the knowing of the original wakefulness that is personal experience. Rigpa has two aspects, namely kadag and lhun grub.

What is the meaning of rigpa in Dzogchen?

Rigpa (Sanskrit: vidyā, 'knowledge') is a central concept in Dzogchen. According to Ācārya Malcolm Smith:

What is richrigpa?

Rigpa is an international network of centres and groups offering the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is both authentic and beneficial for people in the modern world. Rigpa offers courses and seminars in meditation, compassion as well as a complete path of study and practice that follows every stage of the Buddha’s teachings.

Is Rigpa unconditioned?

The unconditioned nature of rigpa is described in the Longchen Nyingthig as follows: Not constructed by excellent buddhas, nor changed by lowly sentient beings, this unfabricated gnosis of the present moment, is the reflexive luminosity, naked and stainless, the Primordial Lord himself.

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