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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Dharma?

Definition of dharma 1 Hinduism : an individual's duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law 2 Hinduism and Buddhism a : the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence : divine law

What does Dharmadhatu mean in Sanskrit?

It is derived from the Sanskrit root words, dhatu, meaning “dimension,” “sphere” or “realm"; and dharma, meaning "Truth," in this case. Dharmadhatu refers to the consciousness of the purified mind when it is returned to its natural state and is free from obscurities.

What is an example of dharma in law?

The notion of dharma as duty or propriety is found in India's ancient legal and religious texts. Common examples of such use are pitri dharma (meaning a person's duty as a father), putra dharma (a person's duty as a son), raj dharma (a person's duty as a king) and so forth.

How is dharma presented in the Mahabharata?

In Mahabharata, the other major Indian epic, similarly, dharma is central, and it is presented with symbolism and metaphors.

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