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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dharmacon owned by Fisher Scientific?

In March 2004, Dharmacon became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fisher Scientific International, Inc. In November 2006, Fisher Scientific International, Inc. merged with Thermo Electron Corporation to become Thermo Fisher Scientific. In April 2013, Thermo Fisher Scientific reached an agreement to buy Life Technologies Corporation.

What is Thermo Scientific dharmafect transfection?

Thermo Scientific DharmaFECT Transfection Reagents Thermo Scientific DharmaFECT Transfection Reagents Maintain cell viability with reagents specially formulated to deliver siRNA Achieve robust siRNA uptake for dependable gene silencing Expand your RNAi applications with an optimized co-transfection reagent

What is Dharmacon?

Dharmacon Inc., now known as Dharmacon, was founded in 1995 by Stephen Scaringe as Dharmacon Research to develop and commercialize a new technology for RNA oligonucleotide synthesis.

Why choose Dharmacon for siRNA?

Broadly useful across many applications and in any cell line, siRNA offers a straightforward and widely cited technique for functional gene silencing. For over 20 years, Dharmacon has remained the most trusted name in high quality siRNA design and synthesis. Select a predesigned siRNA product line or design your own siRNA with custom modifications.

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