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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Dharmacon for siRNA?

Broadly useful across many applications and in any cell line, siRNA offers a straightforward and widely cited technique for functional gene silencing. For over 20 years, Dharmacon has remained the most trusted name in high quality siRNA design and synthesis. Select a predesigned siRNA product line or design your own siRNA with custom modifications.

Why choose Gege Dharmacon RNA synthesis?

GE Dharmacon RNA synthesis chemistry provides researchers with high-quality custom single-stranded RNA, siRNA, synthetic sgRNA, and microRNA with an extensive range of modifications, synthesis scales, and purification choices. Also available are DNA only oligos, as well as RNA:DNA hybrids.

Why choose sigenome Dharmacon RNAi products?

GE Dharmacon RNAi products encompass the most complete portfolio of innovative tools for transient, long-term, inducible and in vivo RNAi applications. siRNA – Pre-designed genome-wide reagents for siGENOME, specificity-enahanced ON- TARGETplus,

Which shRNA constructs are used to target Wwp1 and Myc?

Lee YR et al used MilliporeSigma siRNA duplexes and Dharmacon lentivirus-based shRNA constructs to target WWP1 gene and Dharmacon SMARTpool siRNA to target MYC [ 39 ].

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