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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of Dharmacon?

They are: assistant secretary William Booth, president Michael Deines, secretary Cherylyn Mazakas, assistant treasurer Ann- Marie McElligott, treasurer Ratnika Sehgal. Dharmacon, Inc. had 2 other names: GE Healthcare Dharmacon, Inc. (Legal), Thermo Fischer Scientific Biosciences, Inc. (Prev Legal).

What is the age of Dharmacon?

Dharmacon, Inc. operates as a Business Corporation under company SosId number 0692238. . Dharmacon, Inc. was formed on Wednesday 24th September 2003, so this company age is seventeen years, nine months and nine days.

Why choose Gege Dharmacon RNAi products?

GE Dharmacon RNAi products encompass the most complete portfolio of innovative tools for transient, long-term, inducible and in vivo RNAi applications. siRNA – Pre-designed genome-wide reagents for siGENOME, specificity-enahanced ON- TARGETplus, and self-delivering Accell product lines.

Why choose Dharmacon for your siRNA product line?

For over 20 years, Dharmacon has remained the most trusted name in high quality siRNA design and synthesis. Select a predesigned siRNA product line or design your own siRNA with custom modifications.

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