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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Dharmacon for your siRNA product line?

For over 20 years, Dharmacon has remained the most trusted name in high quality siRNA design and synthesis. Select a predesigned siRNA product line or design your own siRNA with custom modifications.

Why choose Gege Dharmacon RNAi products?

GE Dharmacon RNAi products encompass the most complete portfolio of innovative tools for transient, long-term, inducible and in vivo RNAi applications. siRNA – Pre-designed genome-wide reagents for siGENOME, specificity-enahanced ON- TARGETplus, and self-delivering Accell product lines.

What is the working concentration for Accell siRNA delivery?

Due to the unique nature of Accell siRNA delivery, it requires a higher working concentration than conventional siRNAs. The table provides the approximate number of reactions (wells) at recommended 1μM Accell siRNA working concentration in different plate formats.

What is an Accell control kit?

Accell Control Kits combine species-specific validated controls for assessment of Accell technology in your difficult-to-transfect cells. Kits of validated controls are available. Delivery may be inhibited by the presence of BSA in serum.

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