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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Dharma wheel tattoo mean?

The Dharma wheel tattoo borrows from a lot of Buddhist forms, and the center of the Wheel can be a lotus, or simply, as usual, a belly button. This supremely grand symbol carries ancient wisdom that attracts a lot of tattoo lovers.

What is the dharmachakra (Wheel of Dharma)?

Here, we are going to talk about the Dharmachakra, or better known as the Wheel of Dharma or simply Dharma wheel, which is one of the richest Buddhist symbols which appear in blackwork tattoos. The Dharma wheel has represented the teachings and walking of Buddha on the path to enlightenment, since the time of early Buddhism.

What is the best Buddhist tattoo design?

A Dharma Wheel is an image of a wheel with a central hub and spokes, and is a beautiful choice for a Buddhist tattoo design. Less intricate than a Mandala, the Dharma might be a better choice for someone looking for a less detailed tattoo that won’t take as long to work on.

Why did the Buddha turn the Dharma wheel?

"Turning the dharma wheel" is a metaphor for the Buddha's teaching of the dharma in the world. In Mahayana Buddhism, it is said the Buddha turned the dharma wheel three times. The first turning was the sermon in the deer park, after the Buddha's enlightenment. Here, the Buddha explained the Four Noble Truths.

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