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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dharma Wheel of Dharma?

The Dharma Wheel is a sacred and ancient Buddhist symbol and represents the Buddhist faith universally. After attaining enlightenment, Buddha gave his first teachings and gave a sermon on the first Wheel of Dharma.

What does the Dharmachakra mean in Buddhism?

It is one of the most important and sacred symbols in the Buddhist faith as it represents Buddha's teachings. The Dharmachakra comes from the Dharma, which is the path to attaining enlightenment and reaching Nirvana (the highest state of being a person can achieve). It also means the Wheel of Law.

What is the meaning of the Buddhist wheel?

For instance, the shape of the wheel, which is a circle, represents the perfection of the dharma, or the teachings of the Buddha, whereas the three components (the hub, the spokes, and the rim) represent the three aspects of Buddhist teachings that relate to ethics, wisdom, and concentration.

What is the wheel of law in Buddhism?

Wheel of the Law. The word ‘dharma’ may be translated to mean ‘law’, and therefore, the Dharma Wheel may be said to be the Wheel of Law. This well-known Buddhist symbol may have had its origins in Hinduism, as the god Vishnu is commonly depicted as carrying a wheel / discus.

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