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Frequently Asked Questions

How many images of the Dharma wheel are there?

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What does turning the Dharma wheel mean?

"Turning the dharma wheel" is a metaphor for the Buddha's teaching of the dharma in the world. In Mahayana Buddhism, it is said the Buddha turned the dharma wheel three times. The first turning was the sermon in the deer park, after the Buddha's enlightenment.

What are the spokes on a dharma wheel for?

These spokes are meant to represent the Noble Eightfold Path, which consists of the eight practices that would lead a person to liberation from samsara (the cycle of rebirth). Dharma Wheels rarely have four spokes, but when these occur, the spokes symbolise the Four Noble Truths, or the four dhyanas (a series of cultivated states of mind).

What is the Dharma Wheel of Vishnu?

The Dharma Wheel is commonly found in depictions of Vishnu, the god of preservation. Vishnu is one of the Hindu Triumvirate and is the god responsible for protecting humans as well as restoring and maintaining order in the world.

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