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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karma Karma Adhipati yoga in astrology?

Dharma karma adhipati yoga is the combination of 9th and 10th lords which gives money, fame and status. Even though in the horoscope of Amithab Bachchan, dharma karma adhipati yoga seems to be in 8th house, actually this yoga is in 7th house taking kp astrology placidus house systems.

When does Dharma Karmadhipati yoga become Raj yoga?

Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga becomes Raj Yoga when the lord of the 9th house is in mutual exchange with the lord of the 10th house. Also when both the lords are in conjunction or aspecting each other in Kendra (quadrant) and trikona (trine) houses.

Which is more powerful in astrology Dharma Karmadhipati or vepreet rajyoga?

You can not measure which Rajyoga is more powerful in astrology in terms of its results.There are yogas like Panch Mahapurh Hamsa, Bhadra, Ruchaka yoga, Vepreet Rajyoga, Neechabhanga Rajyoga or Gaja Kesari Yoga but Dharma Karmadhipati yoga can’t be compared because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

What is the meaning of Adhipati in Sanskrit?

This word can be translated into a person who is in charge of maintaining work and order which is usually a King’s job. Where Dharam (religion) comes from 9th house and Karama (position) comes from 10th house, “Adhipati” means kind of a ruler.

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