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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dhar Mann?

The Moral Philosopher of YouTube Dhar Mann has built an online video empire on contemporary fables. Dhar Mann, a serial entrepreneur turned YouTube star, has built an audience of millions with his videos on morality. Maggie Shannon for The New York Times

What are some of the best Dhar Mann movies?

“Gold Digger Dumps Broke Boyfriend, Then Regrets Her Decision” (2019) is a quintessential Dhar Mann film. It opens with our protagonist, John, giving his girlfriend, Bella, a new handbag. “I want you to have everything you want in life, babe,” he says, gazing soulfully up at her. She picks up the purse, and her eyes narrow.

Is Olivia Rodrigo more famous than Dhar Mann on YouTube?

According to the analytics firm Social Blade, Dhar Mann is the 91st most influential channel on YouTube, a metric arrived at through indicators including views (nearly five billion, plus 15 billion more on Facebook) and subscribers (11.2 million). Olivia Rodrigo is ranked 36th on the list.

Is Dhar Mann's 'Kid fakes being sick to skip class' strategy working?

Dhar Mann’s video titles are openly click bait — “Kid FAKES Being SICK to Skip Class, What Happens Is Shocking,” “KAREN Next Door Goes WAY TOO FAR, What Happens Is Shocking” — and the films feature mawkish, scripted moralistic tales. But the strategy seems to be working.

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