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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the TV series Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann(2018– ) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by Ruben Ortiz (185 episodes, 2018-2021) Rushikesh Bhadane (70 episodes, 2020-2021) Christine Wu (9 episodes, 2019-2020) Brad Etter

What happened to Carl Judie from Dhar Mann?

The actors who appear in Dhar Mann's videos have become celebrities in their own right, easily recognizable for their various roles. One of the most popular was Carl Judie. However, fans were saddened to learn of Judie's death in February 2021.

Is Dhar Mann a real life Angel?

We all hate it and our thoughts an prayers are with the late actor and his beloved ones. Celebrities’ death news always break many hearts, however, fans remember memories and their idols are alive in their mind even after death. Above all, The Dhar Mann Studios Team created a fundraising page for honoring the actor, named him a “real life Angel.”

How many subscribers does Dhar Mann have?

Dhar Mann has nearly 8 million subscribers and counting on YouTube. (He also frequently appears on his wife's successful channel). Most of the videos take on the form of short narrative pieces intended to educate or inspire. With titles like, "These Popular Girls HUMILIATE Nice Girls, What Happens Next WILL SHOCK YOU!"

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