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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dhanush have to pay Rs 30 lakh tax demand?

The Madras High Court has ordered actor Dhanush to pay the remaining amount of Rs 30 lakh tax demand — confirmed in Supreme Court — in a case related to the entry of a Rolls Royce car. Dhanush follows actor Vijay who had a similar tax demand and had challenged it in court.

Why did Dhanush get court rap for challenging entry tax?

Chennai: After top star Vijay, actor Dhanush on Thursday received Madras High Court rap for challenging Entry Tax on import of a luxury car, with the judge remarking that lesser earning individuals were promptly paying taxes and not knocking at the doors of the judiciary for possible relief.

Did Dhanush pay entry tax on Rolls Royce Ghost imported from UK?

The Madras High Court on Thursday disposed of a 2015 writ petition moved by Kollywood actor Dhanush concerning the payment of entry tax on an Rolls Royce Ghost car imported from the UK, after directing that he pay the remaining tax of ₹ 30,30,757 (about ₹ 30.3 lakhs) within 48 hours. ( Mr K Dhanush v. State of Tamil Nadu)

Did Dhanush pay entry tax to get NoC?

As Dhanush moved the department for the NOC, the department asked him to pay ₹ 60.66 lakh as entry tax. Then the actor moved the court against the department's demand of entry tax. At that time, the court had passed an interim order asking the RTO to issue an NOC only if the actor pays 50 per cent on the said tax amount within 14 days.

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