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Frequently Asked Questions

What is India's Dhanush missile?

Dhanush The Dhanush missile is a short-range, ship-based ballistic missile – probably with a liquid propellant base – that is the naval version of India’s Prithvi missile. 1 Dhanush at a Glance

What is Prithvi III or Dhanush missile?

Prithvi III or Dhanush was again tested on November 26, 2015 from INS Subhadra in the Bay of Bengal. A successful user trial was conducted from a naval ship on 23 February 2018 by the Strategic Forces Command off the Odisha coast. The Dhanush missile can be used as an anti-ship weapon as well as for destroying land targets depending on the range.

What is the Dhanush gun?

The Dhanush is a 155 mm towed howitzer used by the Indian Army. The gun was approved for service in 2019. The Dhanush project was started by OFB to replace the older 105 mm Indian Field Gun, 105 mm Light Field Gun and the Russian 122 mm guns with a modern 155 mm artillery gun.

What is the history of missile development in India?

Development and history. The Government of India launched the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program in 1983 to achieve self-sufficiency in the development and production of wide range of ballistic missiles, surface-to-air missiles etc. Prithvi was the first missile to be developed under the program.

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