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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for Dhaka University admission 2021?

DU admission apply 2021 started from 08 March 2021. You can apply online through this website DU online application 2020-21 process for admission test of all the units will start from 5 PM on 08 March 2021. Let’s know more details about DU admission application. Dhaka University A unit seat plan has been announced.

How to fill du admission online application form?

DU Admission Online Application From Can be filled Through Website. However, Most of Students are confused about DU Online Application form system. So, we are here to ease the struggle of Online Application form Fill up.

What is equivalence ID for Dhaka University admission?

Using the “Equivalence ID” they can login to the same website as normal students and apply for the Dhaka University admission test. We have noticed that most of the applicants can not apply properly and face many kinds of trouble.

How is the University of Dhaka?

Dhaka University is one of the top-ranking universities in Bangladesh. With top-class facilities, a world-class curriculum, and well-regarded faculty, the university draws in thousands of students every year both national and international. If you have any questions regarding Dhaka University, then comment below your query.

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