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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology Gazipur?

Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur is situated about 20 km from Shahjalal International Airport , Dhaka surrounded by scenic beauty . It is deemed as the seat of learning in the arena ‘Engineering and Technology’ across the country. Only the diploma students can avail themselves of enrolling here to be graduates.

What is the history of du Dhaka University?

Dhaka University was first founded in 1999. A lot of candidates are studying here in the Honours and masters sections. And a massive number of participants wanted to participate in Admission every year. After that DU published the undergraduate admission circular.

What is the best school in Bangladesh for engineering?

As per the students good results of the school marked as one of the best schools of Bangladesh. After this, the institution was upgraded to a higher secondary level in 1998 based on the quality of education, the reputation of better results. Currently, the organization has been named Engineering University School and College.

Where can I find the subject list of Dhaka University?

Dhaka University Subject list is available on the DU’s official website DU.AC.BD as well as our site Let’s check all the list: Cialis online

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