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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Dhaka Bank start operations?

The company commenced banking operations on July 5, 1995. From the very year of its landmark journey, Dhaka Bank has truly cherished and brought into focus the heritage and history of Dhaka and Bangladesh from Mughal outpost to modern metropolis.

What are the Withdrawal charges for Dhaka Bank debit cards?

Mentionable, the withdrawal of cash from any ATMs within Bangladesh with Dhaka Bank Debit Cards are absolutely free of charges up till April 30, 2020 (Dhaka Bank will bear the cost). Our corporate customers can also use our completely safe and secured online platform Dhaka Bank C-Solution for Payments, Inter Bank Fund Transfers, etc.

Why choose Dhaka Bank?

Feel free to pay a visit to any of our Branch. Dhaka Bank is a trusted name in the Retail Banking sector amongst local and multinational Banks in Bangladesh. A Wide Range of Asset Products. FIRST TIME CUSTOMER? Our people and culture are critical links to our effort to make you a valuable part of us. Feel free to pay a visit to any of our Branch.

Which is the best internet banking in Bangladesh?

BRAC Bank internet banking is a first-growing private commercial bank in Bangladesh. In addition, it is the only one unique bank. However, it is working for people’s health and poverty. Besides, it offers SME, and Retail Banking, Credit & Debit Card Service.

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