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Frequently Asked Questions

How did dentistry start?

The first school for dentists was founded in 1840. Dentistry, the art and science of treating disease of the teeth and the parts of the mouth, is rather new. There were no real dentists with about 250 years ago.

Do DDS dentist more qualify than a DMD dentist?

Over the past century, several universities have switched the name of their dental program to Doctor of Dental Medicine because it better reflects dentistry as a whole. Regardless, dentists who receive a DMD degree virtually receive the same education as those who earn a DDS degree, and one type of degree is not better that the other.

Are dentists considered doctors?

A dentist is a medically proficient individual who looks after the teeth and gums of patients but a dentist is not considered a doctor of medicine (MD) or a doctor of osteopathy (DO).

Does dentistry last forever?

With regular care, use of appropriate mouthrinses and toothpastes, proper brushing and flossing, regularly scheduled check-ups and dental x-rays, using a nightguard, and being aware of diet, etc, your dental work can and should last a very long time.

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