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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deichmann make its own shoes?

Deichmann does not produce its own shoes, instead purchasing shoes in about 40 countries. Its primary purchasing market is Asia. Deichmann purchased traditional brands Gallus and Elefanten-Schuh in May 2005. Gallus is a shoe factory founded by Mönchengladbach shoemaker Heinrich Vogels in 1880, which was based in Dülken until 1997.

How many branches does Deichmann have?

Even today there is the headquarters of the group. Deichmann SE is now active with more than 3,700 branches in 24 countries and employs around 37,300 people worldwide. Deichmann is the market leader in the German and European shoe trade. With our wide selection of shoes for all ages, we offer the most comprehensive range on the market.

What is dedeichmann known for?

Deichmann was the first to introduce the display stands and later the rack-room concept in Germany, where shoes are presented in boxes for customers to try on directly. The company acquired the Dosenbach shoe chain in Switzerland in 1973, followed by shoe and sports chain Ochsner in 1992.

What does Deichmann se stand for?

Deichmann SE. Deichmann SE (formerly Heinrich Deichmann-Schuhe GmbH & Co. KG) is a major German shoe and sportswear retail chain. In 2017 Handelsblatt newspaper called it the biggest shoe vendor in Europe. Established in 1913 by Heinz-Horst Deichmann (de), the company is still headquartered in its birthplace of Essen,...

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