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Frequently Asked Questions

What does love ya too mean?

I Love Ya. It is the greatest mangling of words that has never been noticed. It is a saying as old as time yet as new as those soon-to-be cancelled Segway devices. It is the usage of the phrase, “I Love Ya” as a way of escaping the act of having to vocalize the real, painful, committed phrase, “I Love You”.

When someone says Love Ya?

Love ya means he loves you as a friend. But if he told you that he might be falling in love with you, then it means that he wants to say I love you but doesn't know if you'll respond positively to it so he's just saying it in a casual platonic manner right now to see if you'll reciprocate

What is the abbreviation for Love Ya?

love you can be abbreviated as luv ya Other shorthands for love you are: lovu, WVU, lvya, ly2, LY, <3U, LY, LYT, L2U, SILWY, LU, LTY, LUVU, ILWY Comments having luv ya More Comments with luv ya...

What is your meaning of Love?

The Meaning Of Love. To love is to share life together, to build special plans just for two, to work side by side, and then smile with pride, as one by one, dreams all come true. To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise, to take time to share, to listen and care in tender,...

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