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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Love Bug mean?

Love Bug. a disgusting creature that burrows into someone’s brain when they least expect it and then lays eggs which then travel through your blood stream and into your heart, thus contaminating you with the vile feeling that people call love. i think he’s got the love bug..i guess we must tear off his head.

Why do they call Love Bugs Love Bugs?

Lovebugs are in the air, but fortunately, they won't be here long. Dubbed "lovebugs" because of their in-flight mating, the pests pose no threat to the environment or people. They do not bite or sting. In fact, they play a vital part in their ecosystems, said Evan Siemann, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Rice University.

What is the real name of a Love Bug?

The scientific name for love bugs is Plecia nearctica. They are also known as honeymoon flies, kissing bugs, and double-headed bugs, and are classified into a family of insects known as march flies. Also included in this family are the equally annoying fungus gnats and mosquitoes.

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