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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of champing?

One definition of bit is a metal mouthpiece used for controlling a horse, and one definition of champ is to bite or chew noisily.These are the senses meant in the idiom champing at the bit, which refers to the tendency of some horses to chew on the bit when impatient or eager.In its figurative sense, it means to show impatience while delayed, or just to be eager to start.

Is it champing or chomping?

“Champing” at a bit is more akin to gnashing teeth. This mistake is so common that some call it a normalized usage. You might be able to get away with “chomping” when you’re speaking or in casual use; however, if you’re going to be using this expression in your communications—whether in an email or a book manuscript—it’s always best to use the correct form to avoid looking ignorant.

What does Champ mean slang?

Get a champ mug for your buddy Manley. 1) Someone who can do an activity particularly well, esp. drinking. 2) A term, used sarcastically, to disparage someone's ability. 1) Wow, he just downed a 40 in like 10 seconds. This guy's a champ. 2) Look champ, I don't think that she's buying it.

What is champing in England?

Champing™ is the unique concept of camping overnight in historic churches, brought to the world by The Churches Conservation Trust, the national charity protecting historic churches at risk. Hundreds of happy Champers have stayed in our churches and have delighted in having exclusive use of an ancient space for the night.

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