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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a title company and what does it do?

Title Company is a company involved in examining and insuring title claims for real estate purposes. The company verifies ownership of real property and determines the valid owner through a thorough examination of property records in a Title Search. The title company usually does an abstract of title.

What is the function of a title company?

Title companies are business entities that focus on the examination of the quality of titles or deeds associated with property holdings. In many instances, the title company will also function as the means of insuring the property during the process of a sale.

What is the role of a title company?

Title companies are often the closing agents for real estate transactions. This means the title company is an agent of each party to the transaction. In its role as agent, the title company obtains signatures on all of the closing documents, and the title company also receives and distributes payments related to the conveyance transaction.

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