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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about death's door?

Think of Death's Door like a loving parody of the greater Dark Souls universe. All the trappings are there: the stony grey ruins of a dying realm, the wandering eccentrics with scene-setting dialogue, the gothic typeface whenever you encounter a boss lingering in their keep. It's grim as hell, but also, kinda funny.

Is death’s door a good sequel to Titan Souls?

A simple screenshot of Death’s Door evokes its Dark Souls influence without you even needing to know it’s the follow-up to Acid Nerve’s previous top-down boss-killer, Titan Souls. Death’s Door captures that FromSoftware gloom in an instant, but it’s a far more forgiving experience than its inspiration.

Is death's door the best way to recover health?

Death’s Door also has a refreshing take on health recovery. There are no health potions to hoard or life to siphon from enemies here; instead, there are collectible Seeds of Life scattered throughout the land – sometimes in the open, and other times hidden away.

What is the beat of death's door?

It's all in the one, two, dodge, the little passive mental counter ticking over from that boss' second smash to the third, the half a beat between the third and the jump. So it is with Death's Door, a sumptuously beautiful Zelda-like about the immutable beat of time, the rhythm of life and death.

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