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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DCEU the future of superhero movies?

While DCEU is fertile grounds for exploring superhero stories, the series has not worked, and Zaslav would have to deal with this as he plans something big for the entire media empire. It has also been a tough two years for entertainment giants like “Warner”.

Is discovery planning to kill off DCEU?

While no news sources have confirmed the rumours of Discovery planning to eliminate DCEU, it makes better business sense to redesign the series. After that, Zaslav might move onto the streaming services that he intends to create for the future of DCEU, working on the goodwill built by the Snyder cut.

Is David Zaslav trying to discontinue DCEU?

David Zaslav recently took over “Warner Brothers Discovery” as CEO and planned to fight with Netflix and other streaming giants. While recent Reddit rumours have circulated that he might want to discontinue DCEU, no news source has been able to verify the story.

Is Idris Elba in the MCU or DCEU?

Here's how. Idris Elba can now say he's been in the MCU and the DCEU, but it's in the latter where he's gotten to flex his acting skills, more so than in the MCU. DC Comics gives Superman a new catchphrase for his introduction, showing the hero is more concerned about immigration than ever before.

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