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Frequently Asked Questions

What is M1 data passport?

With M1 Data Passport, the days of expensive and fussy data roaming are thankfully over. What is M1 Data Passport? It’s data roaming made easy! Use your local data plans overseas to save yourself from unnecessary hassle and costs.

What is the my M1+ app?

Adding to that is the My M1+ App that tracks your overseas usage of roaming data (rounded up to the nearest MB), talktime, and SMS so that you can stay on top of your usage game! Which mobile plans can I use Data Passport with?

What happens if I exceed my M1 data passport quota?

If you exceed your local data quota overseas, you will be charged $10.70 per GB, with a monthly data bill cap of $188.32. M1 Data Passport has a one-time activation charge of $5 every time you activate a Data Passport. To sign up, M1 customers can use the My M1 app, or call *123#.

How much does it cost to use M1 data overseas?

Take your local data overseas to over 70 countries, on a subscription basis. If you exceed your data limit, you will be charged $10/GB Available for destinations in Europe, ASEAN and Asia at $50, $25 and $50 per month respectively. Still considering other telcos? Use our SIM only comparison to help you decide. M1 first launched in the year 1997.

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