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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daredevil the best superhero show ever?

Ultimately, Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 is possibly the greatest superhero show ever. While others are offering cheap superficial thrills, characters who barely resemble their comic book counterparts and a masquerade of maturity, Daredevil gets it right in every way.

Does Daredevil have a superpower?

Daredevil may not have a variety of superpowers like his fellow Marvel heroes, but he does have a few intriguing superhuman abilities, such as super smell. While such an ability may be considered laughable, Matt Murdock has employed the ability to his advantage, using it in a variety of situations.

Is Daredevil a hero or a villain?

Daredevil was the first hero with whom the nascent villain tangled, although he would go on to do battle with Iron Man, Black Widow, Man Thing and even Ghost Rider. But with the help of Daredevil and Betsy Beatty, Potter overcame the mental health issues that drove him to violence.

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