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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a daisy?

The daisy is known for being the fifth most popular flower in the world because the bloom comes in a variety of different colors and is appropriate for a number of occasions. In addition to loyalty and love, the daisy symbolizes innocence, cheerfulness and purity.

What is the history of Daisy?

In English history, the daisy was referred to as Day’s Eye, and this name was a reference to the way the flower opened and closed with the sun. The way the daisy followed the sun’s pattern led primitive medical men to believe that the daisy was a cure for eye troubles.

How big is Daisy?

They range from 36 inches (‘Alaska’) to 16 inches (‘Miss Muffet’) to 10 inches (‘Snowlady’). Standard shasta daisy plants are typically 3 feet tall, spreading to about 2 feet wide at maturity. Dwarf versions grow to about 1 foot tall and measure about 12 to 18 inches wide.

What is Daisy last name?

The surname Daisy was first found in Angus (Gaelic: Aonghas), part of the Tayside region of northeastern Scotland, and present day Council Area of Angus, formerly known as Forfar or Forfarshire, where they were descended from the Gaelic MacDhai, son of David. From the 13th century onward the name was anglicized MacDavid, Davidson, Deasson and Deas.

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