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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CVS photo good quality?

It's a cute little softcover book and the quality is good. CVS Photo goes way above and beyond when it comes to the photo services they offer. The prints all look great, although the 20x30 did arrive in a tube, which means rolled edges.

How much does it cost to print photos at CVS?

Prices at CVS for photo printing rely both on size and just how many you are looking to purchase. For your standard 4×6 photograph the cost per print is $.29, and that is for all orders up to 49 prints. After you order a fiftieth print, the price per print drops by ten cents to $.19 for a volume discount.

Does CVs take passport photos?

Thousands of CVS pharmacies across the nationare able to quickly take and print passportphotos for your convenience. All photo technicians,CVS says, are trained to provide professionalpictures that meet U.S. State Department requirements forpassport, visa, and ID card photos.

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