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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Cuyahoga mean?

The name Cuyahoga is believed to mean "crooked river" from the Mohawk Indian name Cayagaga, although the Senecas called it Cuyohaga, or "place of the jawbone".

When is Cuyahoga County property tax due?

Each county in Ohio sets its own schedule for collecting property taxes. For example, in Cuyahoga County, the first tax installment of the year is due in either December or January, and the second payment is due in either June or July, as determined by the county.

Where does Cuyahoga River begin?

The Cuyahoga watershed begins its 100-mile (160 km) journey in Hambden, Ohio, flowing southward to the confluence of the East Branch Cuyahoga River and West Branch Cuyahoga River in Burton, where the Cuyahoga River officially begins.

What county Am I in?

What County Am I In: Find what county you are currently in (based on your device’s location), or type your address in the Search places box above the map to check your county by address. The panel near the top of the map will show your county and county lines will draw on Google Maps (aka county boundaries, county borders). Answer ‘what county do

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