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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Native American customs?

7 Fascinating Native American Customs ... Medicine Man. This is a name or title of high significance when related to customs of Native Americans. ... Totem Animal. One of the fundamental Native Americans beliefs is that every human has an inherent animal force or presence, for example an eagle, wolf or bear. Dances. ... Sand Painting. ... The Great Spirit. ... Kachina Dolls. ... Dream Catcher. ...

What are some Native American rituals?

Common tools used in Native American rituals include pipes for tobacco use, drums and flutes. In the past, these were generally all handmade and helped accent the various practices. Today, many are mass-produced, but most tribes still manufacture their own for use in ceremonial practices.

What are the different kinds of Native American rituals?

Smudging - Using a smoking smudge wand for purification is part of many Native American traditions. Common herbs used for smudging include sage, sweetgrass, yerba santa leaves and lavender. Ceremonial Peace Pipes - The Native American pipe is smoked in a ceremonial or ritual to call upon the four elements and give an offering to the Great Spirit.

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