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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you curve text on a double wall tumbler?

I have shared these files in various forums over the years but never got around to putting them on my blog. If you are cutting vinyl for a standard 16 oz double wall tumbler then this template will let you curve the text so that it will be in a straight line when applied to the tumbler.

What program do you use for tumbler design?

If you do a lot of tumblers I recommend a program like Silhouette Studio Business Edition with conical warp built in. Reply Melissasays November 7, 2019 at 9:36 am

What is the diameter of curve line 2 on a tumbler?

Line #2 should be curved at a diameter of 40. Curve Line #3 at a diameter of 35 and Line #4 at 30. Note: depending on the height of your design, you may wish to go back and slightly adjust these numbers so that the fit is correct on your tumbler.

Does Cricut Design Space have a circular text tumbler?

create smart Tumbler guide for Cricut Design Space November 2, 2018by Kay31 Comments Great that Cricut Design Space now has a circular text feature, but how do you know what curve setting to use for a tumbler, bucket, etc? Well, I did some math so you don’t have to…

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