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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the fires in Utah?

(Fires in Utah do not appear on InciWeb unless they are a type 1 or 2 incident as they require a "higher level of skill, training and experience to manage," according to the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands .) Art Nord Fire: 50 acres. Contained as of July 25. Black Pine Fire: 563 acres. Contained as of July 23.

How many homes have been destroyed by Utah wildfires?

Consequences of all this elevated 2020 fire activity in Utah included more than 328,000 acres burned, six homes lost and more than 166,000 hours worked by firefighters with the state wildfire management program, often in 16-hour shifts on a grueling 14-days-on, 2-days-off schedule.

Are the wildfires in Utah at risk?

At risk are not only Utahns' homes, tax dollars and beloved landscapes, but some iconic and sensitive Utah species as well as our limited water supply. As the 2021 wildfire season unfolds, we will chronicle its progression for you here on this page.

When did the American Fork fire start in Utah?

The lightning-caused American Fork Fire started on July 17, 2021 in... The Alder Creek Fire started on July 8, 2021 approximately 7 miles... The Sand Lake fire started on September 1, 2021 approximately 11... The Dillon Interagency Dispatch received a report of a possible fire...

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