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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Cu1 offer?

Upgrade your financial freedom with key services from CU1. Our top services -— online and mobile banking, debit cards, credit cards and direct deposit — each cater to a happier, goal-driven you. – and we achieve this goal by lending money, fundraising, volunteering our time, teaching financial education and more.

Why joining city cu?

Joining the City CU family is easier than you think. Spend more time at home, not in line. Take advantage of services like online banking, our mobile app, Zelle ® and mobile deposit. Practice acts of kindness. City CU encourages Random Acts of Kindness in our communities.

How do I sign up for directions cu mobile banking?

Then, go to the app store or google play store—type in “Directions Credit Union” in the search bar. Select “Directions CU Mobile Banking” with the red star logo to download the new app. Step 2: Once installed, open the new mobile banking app and then click “Enroll.”

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