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Frequently Asked Questions

What does stand out from the crowd mean?

Definition of stand out from the crowd.: to be unusual in a good way As a teacher, he always stood out from the crowd. The high quality of these tools makes them stand out from the crowd.

What is one in every crowd?

One in Every Crowd. "One in Every Crowd" is a song recorded by American country music duo Montgomery Gentry. It was released in February 2009 as the third single from their album Back When I Knew It All. Eddie Montgomery, one-half of the duo, co-wrote the song with Kim Tribble and former Trick Pony bassist Ira Dean.

What is a large crowd?

A large crowd of people. The definition of a crowd is a large number of people or things gathered closely together. An example of crowd is the group of people that come together for the ball dropping on New Years Eve in Times Square in New York City.

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