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Frequently Asked Questions

How to crop an image in Inkscape?

How to crop an image in Inkscape. 10- Ensure the rectangle is on top of your image. Go to Object > Raise to top. 11- Next select both image and the shape. Right click and select Set Clip. 12- You image will not be cropped where the shape was. 13- If you would like to reverse the crop, right click on the cropped image and select release clip.

How do I create a shape in Inkscape?

Inkscape has an array of shapes to choose from, including circle, rectangle, and polygons. And if a shape doesn’t exist, you can create one from scratch by combining other shapes. From the side menu, select the required shape and draw it on the image, using whatever dimensions you please. Adjust the position of the drawn shape on the image.

How do I crop an image into a shape?

Import your image by clicking File > Import. 3. On the pop up that appears, select embedded and click ok. 4. Select the shape tool This can be a rectangle or any shape you would like to use. Click and hold to draw a shape over your image where you would like to crop.

What can you do with Inkscape?

You can crop a picture into different shapes and sizes, remove image background, create transparent backgrounds, and put an image into letters. Getting your preferred image into Inkscape can be done by dragging and dropping the picture onto the Inkscape screen.

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