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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of crop?

The definition of a crop is agricultural produce, a group of something, a short whip or a pouch on a bird to store undigested food. An example of crop is all the sunflowers a garden produces during a growing season. An example of crop is the new group of students entering a school.

What are examples of crop diseases?

Examples of these biotic diseases include the potato cyst nematode, pine wilt and soybean cyst nematode. As ascertained from their names, these crop diseases invade the sensitive root or vascular systems of the crops and cause cysts that stunt plant growth and sharply decrease crop yields.

What is the fastest growing food crop?

Answer Wiki. Making the list of fastest growing vegetables to grow are radish, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, onion, carrot green peas, cucumber, pepper and tomatoes etc. These crops will require between 3 weeks (21) days to 90 days from planting the seed to harvest.

What is an example of crop?

Quick Answer. Plantations are large commercial farms that typically grow a singular crop. Examples of common plantation crops include sugar cane, coffee, tea, tobacco, oil palm and rubber.

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