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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nebraska Department of Correctional Services responsible for the accuracy of information?

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, neither the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, nor any officer or employee of the Department of Correctional Services, nor the State of Nebraska assumes any liability for the accuracy of information contained herein.

Where is the Nebraska State Penitentiary located in Lincoln?

Nebraska State Penitentiary 4201 S 14th St Lincoln, NE 68502

Where can I find ndndcs facilities in Nebraska?

NDCS Facilities. 1 Community Corrections Center - Lincoln. 2720 W Van Dorn St. Lincoln, NE 68522. Phone. 2 Community Corrections Center - Omaha. 3 Diagnostic & Evaluation Center. 4 Lincoln Correctional Center. 5 Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. More items

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