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Frequently Asked Questions

How many correctional facilities are there in Kentucky?

The Division of Adult Institutions oversees 14 correctional facilities that house Kentucky's adult inmate population. Click on the institution below for directions to that institution:

How do I locate an inmate in Kentucky?

To locate inmates in Kentucky correctional facilities, click here, use Kentucky DOC Inmate Search, or contact a prison. To find out someone who's in a county jail, please select a county in the list on the right, and begin your search.

Is the Kentucky division of probation and parole accredited?

The Kentucky Division of Probation and Parole received accreditation by the American Correctional Association in January 2007. The agency plans to continue the tradition of industry 'best practices' by seeking reaccreditation through this organization every three years. The Division was most recently accredited on January 14, 2019.

How many positive cases are there in the Department of Corrections?

There have been a total of 8,035 positive inmate cases in DOC prisons and there are currently 90 active cases. There have been a total of 1,228 positive employees and currently there are 52 active cases. Click here to visit the new Civil Rights Restoration website!

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