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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job duties of a correctional officer?

Typically, correctional officers are responsible for the following job duties: Enforce Rules and Keep Order: Enforce Rules and Keep Order: Inside the prison or jail, correctional officers enforce rules and regulations.

What does it take to be corrections officer?

Get certified. A corrections officer can become a Certified Corrections Officer (CCO) through the American Correctional Association. Requirements for the CCO credential include holding a high school diploma or equivalent, completing one year of experience as a corrections officer, and passing an exam.

What do police officers carry on their duty belts?

A police duty belt (sometimes referred to as a gun belt, "duty rig" and/or kit belt) is a belt, typically constructed of nylon or leather used by police and security officers to carry equipment easily, in a readily-accessible manner, while leaving the hands free to interact.

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