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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Corrections Corp of Amer?

Thomas Beasley, Doctor R. Crants, and T. Don Hutto start Corrections Corporation of America, the world's first private prison company. CCA begins operating a county jail and a juvenile detention center in Tennessee. It also opens its first privately owned facility in Houston, a motel hastily remodeled to hold immigration detainees.

Who owns private prison stock?

Vanguard owns more private prison stock than any other investment management company. The article lists three funds that Sessions has shares in, all of which are managed by the investment firm Vanguard, and claims that the funds contain holdings in two leading companies in the private prison industry: CoreCivic and GEO Group.

What is a CCA prison?

Central Arizona Detention Center - CCA is a medium security prison located in city of Florence, Pinal County, AZ. It houses adult male inmates (above 18 years of age) who are convicted for crimes which come under Arizona state law.

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