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Frequently Asked Questions

Is corn healthy or not?

It also supplies a good dose of two antioxidants linked to eye and skin health: zeaxanthin and lutein. Eating fresh corn on the cob also gives you a good amount of the daily dietary fiber you need, along with some complex carbohydrates that are a good energy source.

Is corn the same as wheat?

In England it is wheat, while in Scotland and Ireland, it relates to oats. In the Bible, corn is nothing but wheat and barley. In USA and Canada corn and maize are one and the same, and is meant for the plant that produces kernels used for cooking.

What is the best corn recipe?

Instructions Fill a large pot about halfway with water. Bring water to a boil. Add milk and butter. Simmer corn for 6 to 8 minutes. Remove corn from cooking liquid and its ready to serve.

Where did Corn originally come from?

Eventually, around 7,000 years ago, they developed the corn common throughout the world today. In England and other parts of the world, "corn" refers to any cereal, like wheat or oats; in such countries, the corn that originated in the Tehuacan Valley is called "maize" or "Indian corn.".

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