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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a container chassis weigh?

Given that a typical US road tractor can weight between 16,000-20,000 pounds, a container chassis will be about 8,000, and a 40' box another 8,000, then a 16,000 pound trailer (container/chassis combo) will bring the empty weight to 32,000 pounds. You could legally load 48,000 pounds of cargo without a permit.

What is a chassis on a container?

Container Chassis. A semitrailer of skeleton construction limited to a bottom frame, one or more axles, specially built and fitted with locking devices for the transport of cargo containers, so that when the chassis and container are assembled, the units serve the same function as an over the road trailer.

What is the height of a container chassis?

Though in the USA tank containers are typically the same dimensions (20×8×8.5 ft or 6.10×2.44×2.59 m). as a standard ISO ocean container, tank chassis are much longer than the typical 20 ft (6.10 m) container chassis. Tank chassis typically measure 40–43 ft (12.19–13.11 m) in length by 8 ft × 4 ft (2.44 m × 1.22 m) wide x tall.

What is a mobile home chassis?

Mobile home chassis. The ends of the unirigger connect to the ends of the associated floor joists. From each end, the unirigger extends downwardly and inwardly to the underside of the adjacent beam to provide two outrigger portions. The unirigger also provides the cross member portion extending between the two beams.

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