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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are 44 container ships stuck outside California ports?

Freight ships sit off the coast of California this January. US ports have experienced some of the worst bottlenecks in more than a decade throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 44 container ships are stuck outside CA ports, exacerbating shipping delays and high freight costs.

How many containers did US ports handle during the pandemic?

According to The Journal, the two ports handled 7.7 million import containers between January and September, up 21 percent from the same months in 2019 before the pandemic.

How far does a vessel have to cross the ocean?

Vessels raced across the ocean ahead of the new system’s implementation in order to cross a line 20 nautical miles, or about 23 miles, from shore to secure a waitlist position at one of the ports’ terminals, Jessica Alvarenga, a spokeswoman for the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, told the paper.

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