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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are container ships delayed?

The ships used to dock within thirty minutes of their arrival time; now it can take weeks. But because the docks are so full, there is precious little space for dockworkers to unload new containers.

How many ships are stuck?

More than 200 ships are now stuck at either end of the Suez Canal, with no clarity on when they will be able to continue their journeys. Some 80 additional ships are scheduled to arrive over the next three days, Mr. Singh said.

Is Ningbo port closed?

There are five container terminals in Ningbo. The port’s decision to shut down vessel and gate operations for at least a day effectively eliminated 20% of the port’s capacity. Ningbo is the third-largest container port in the world after Shanghai and Singapore. It handled more freight in the first seven months of this year — 18.7 million twenty-foot equivalent units — than any other port in China, the Ministry of Transportation said last week.

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